AQAR 2021-2022




1.1.1. Effective Curriculum delivery

1.1.2. Continuous Internal Evaluation

1.1.3. Teacher participation in curriculum development and assessment

1.2.1. CBCS implementation of all programs

1.3.1. Integration of human values in curriculum

1.3.2.-1.3.3. Courses with experiential and participative learning

IQAC/AQAR2021-2022/New_Folder/1.4.1.-1.4.2. Feedback on Curriculum

2.1.1. Enrollment of students in the current session

2.1.2. Names of Reserved Category

2.2.1. Programs for Advanced and Weak Learners

2.2.2. Student Full-Time Teacher ratio

2.3.1. Student centric methods for enhancing learning experiences

2.3.2- ICT enabled tools for effective teaching-learning process

2.3.3. Mentor-Mentee List of 2021-2022 session

2.4.1. - 2.4.3. List of Full-Time Teachers

2.4.2. Full time Teachers with PhD

2.5.1. Mechanism of Internal Assessment

2.5.2. Internal examination related grievances

2.6.1. Program and Course Outcome of BA-BSc-BCom-BBA-2021-2022

2.6.1. PO-CO-Additional file

IQAC/AQAR2021-2022/New_Folder/2.6.2. Attainment of PO and CO

IQAC/AQAR2021-2022/New_Folder/2.6.3. Average Pass Percentage of Students

3.1.1. Grants from Government and Non-Government Agencies

3.1.3. Flyers of College Events-online and Offline

3.1.2. Research Grants to Departments

3.1.3. Report on College events-online and offline

3.2.1. Paper Publication of Teachers

3.2.2. Book Publication of Teachers

3.3.1 Extension Activities carried out for Neighborhood Community

3.3.2. Awards for Extension Activities

3.3.3.-3.3.4. Extension and Outreach Programs conducted NSS

3.4.1. Collaborations and Linkages for Student Exchange

3.4.2. Institutional MoUs with Other Organizations

4.1.1. Adequate Infrastructure and Physical Facilities for Teaching Learning

4.1.2. Facilities for Cultural Activities, Games and Sports

4.1.3. ICT Enabled Rooms

4.2.1. Library Automation

IQAC/AQAR2021-2022/New_Folder/4.2.2-Library e-resources

IQAC/AQAR2021-2022/New_Folder/4.2.4. Per day usage of Lib and online resources

4.3.1. Institutional IT Facilities

4.3.2. Student-Computer Ratio

4.3.3. Bandwidth of Internet Connection

IQAC/AQAR2021-2022/New_Folder/5.1.1. Government scholarships

IQAC/AQAR2021-2022/New_Folder/5.1.2. College scholarships and concessions

5.1.3. Capacity Building and Skill Enhancement Initiatives 21-22 Session

5.1.4. Career Counselling and Guidance

IQAC/AQAR2021-2022/New_Folder/5.2.1. Student placement

5.2.2. Student Progression

5.2.3. Students Qualifying in National Level Examination

IQAC/AQAR2021-2022/New_Folder/5.3.2. Student representation and engagement in various activities

IQAC/AQAR2021-2022/New_Folder/5.3.3-Student participation in sports and cultural events

5.4.1. Alumni Activities

5.4.2. Alumni contribution

6.4.2. Grants from Non-Government and Philanthroper

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