Department of Food and Nutrition(Honours)

  • Dept. of Food & Nutrition

    Preparing Nutritous diet.

  • Dept. of Food & Nutrition

    Student attending audio visual classes.

  • Dept. of Food & Nutrition

    Student participated in the event, National Nutrition week, at C.U. and got second position.

  • Dept. of Food & Nutrition

    Wall magazines made by students on the event World Breast Feeding Week

  • Dept. of Food & Nutrition

    Cooking Competition

  • Dept. of Food & Nutrition

    Model Presentation

  • Dept. of Food & Nutrition

    Special Lecture Session

  • Dept. of Food & Nutrition

    Participation in inter college competition

  • Courses offered:
    B.Sc. Honours (Home Science) in Food and Nutrition
    Food and Nutrition General

    Duration : 3 years.
    Combination (Generic Electives) : Chemistry and Zoology / Chemistry and Human Development


The department of Food and Nutrition offers 3 years B.Sc Honours (Home Sc.) Course as per the curriculum offered by the University of Calcutta.

This is an innovative interdisciplinary course which combines components from Biochemistry, Human Physiology, Food Microbiology, Food Preservation, Public Health, Community Nutrition and Epidemiology. The students receive basic theoretical and practical training in three major areas, viz. Public Health Nutrition, Dietetics & Food Science and Quality Control that will enable them to choose one of these as their specialized career in future.

The department is enriched with young, qualified and dedicated teachers who take personal care of every learner.

The department actively participates in community based programmes by collaborating with N.S.S. for imparting nutrition and health messages to the under-privileged sections of the society.


  • Modern teaching methods along with Audio-visual method of teaching are being followed for better understanding and comprehensive learning.
  • The laboratories are well equipped with apparatus and instruments required for conducting practical classes.
  • The department holds seminars, poster competitions, wall magazines from time to time to widen the horizon of the students.
  • Regular remedial and tutorial classes are held to heighten the performance level of the students in the university examinations
  •  The students are encouraged to participate in different academic activities in and outside college.

The students of the Dept. of Food and Nutrition have participated in many inter college competitions on nutrition and won prizes as well.

Participation in miscellaneous activities:

  • Wall Magazines:1st Aug' 2017 to 7th Aug' 2017 was "World Breast Feeding Week". Students of the 1st yr Hons. made Wall Magazines on that event. They highlighted on the importance of Colostrum (The first yellowish secretion of mammary gland) and significance of Exclusive Breast Feeding during first six months of infancy.
  • Winner of 2nd Position in Intercollege Competition on Community Nutrition Awareness Programme 2017 organized by Dept.of Home Science, CU.
  • Department is actively participating in community based programmes by collaborating with N.S.S. to impart nutrition and health messages to the under-privileged sections of the society.

Job Prospects

At the culmination of the course, the students can either seek jobs directly or opt for the Master or Diploma programmes. They can seek jobs in teaching and research in Colleges and Universities, Dieticians and Nutrition Consultants in Govt. Hospitals, Health Departments, International Organizations and NGOs, Clinics Fitness Centers. They can also join Food processing and preservation industry. They could also initiate and sustain research, training, welfare programmes and services in community.



Dr. Debasree Deb Ghosh

M.Sc, Ph.D.

Position: Whole Time

Prof. Suagna Hatai


Position: Whole Time

Prof. Priyanka Sadhukhan

Qualification : M. Sc, B. Ed, NET

Position: Guest Teacher

Prof. Rupsha Ghosh

Qualification : M. Sc. (Physiology)

Position: Guest Teacher

Dr. Kunal Kanti Majumder

Qualification : MBBS

Position: Visting Faculty