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  • Course: B.Sc Hons in Botany , B.Sc Generic Electives
    Duration: 3 years


The Department of Botany offers 3 years B.SC. Honours and General Courses as per the curriculum offered by the University of Calcutta.


  • The department has got adequate facilities for teaching Honours as well as General course of the University.
  • The laboratories are well equipped with apparatus and instruments required for conducting practical classes.
  • Modern teaching methods along with Audio-visual method of teaching are being followed for better understanding and comprehensive learning.
  • It has collections of various botanical specimen-algae, fungi, bryophyte, pteridophyte, gymnosperms, lichen and dried plant specimens in herbarium form for the museum.
  • It consists of an enriched library of its own.
  • Besides an experimental garden, a medicinal plant garden has also been set up by the department with more than 50 plants of medicinal importance.
  • The department organizes excursions at regular intervals.
  • The students are encouraged to participate in different academic activities in and outside college.



Dr. Rimi Datta

M.Sc. (Specialization - Microbiology), Ph.D.

Position: Whole time

Dr. Anindita Singha Roy

M.Sc, Ph.D.

Position: Whole time

Dr. Sourav Bose

M.Sc., Ph.D.

Position: Whole time

Prof. Debasree Ghosh (Das)


Position: Guest Teacher

Dr. Mousumi Banerjee

M.Sc, Ph.D

Position: Guest Teacher

Dr. Paramita Basu

M.Sc, B.Ed, Ph.D.

Position: Guest Teacher




Training Programme on Mushroom Cultivation

"A Hands on Training Programme on Mushroom Cultivation and Production" was organised by the Department of Botany on 26th February, 2020.Dr. Samir Ranjan Sikdar, ex-Senior Professor and Head of Division of Plant Biology, Bose Institute was invited to conduct the training program. Under his guidance our students have learned about :

  • Mushroom bed preparation
  • Method of Spawn Inoculation and Preparation
  • Spawn distribution
  • Mushroom culture maintenance
  • Methods of harvest and storage.

At the end of the programme, 20 spawn and 5 mushroom beds were prepared by them. The spawns were preserved for future use and the mushroom beds were incubated as instructed in closed chambers in the Department for fruit body development.
All the students took part in the workshop with great enthusiasm



Training Program on Palynology

"A Hands on Training Programme On Palynology" was organised by the Department of Botany on 17th September 2019. Dr. Nimai Barui, Former Associate Professor, Surendranath College and Former Senior Consultant, WB Biodiversity Board, (Fellow FIAS,FBSB, INSA Visiting Professor) was invited to deliver a lecture on Palynology, its implications and to demonstrate the methods of palynology slide preparations.

The students learned the following in the said program:

  • preparation of chemicals for processing of pollens,
  • Isolation of pollens from specimens
  • Preparation of different Palynology slides





The students of Semester 3 got special prize in the poster presentation competition held in Serampore College 23.09.19.