Computer Science Laboratory

With India becoming afavourable hub of Information Technology, the college offers two ultra modern, highly configured computer laboratories with

State of the Art equipment.

Software lab- It is equipped with 24 latest computer systems having power back up facility. Students can avail internet facility using Wi-Fi. The lab is meant for conducting classes for programming languages like VB,UNIX, C++,etc. Dual operating system facility is also available

Hardware lab- This lab is equipped with computer hardware components required for Power supply design procedure, Digital system design, Analog system design with CRO,function generator etc. Any kind of logical circuit can also be designed in the Lab.

Microbiology Laboratory

The College possesses three Microbiology laboratories containing a wide range of modern equipment required for basic microbiological work. Necessary instruments for isolation and purification,identification and maintenance of microbes are available. Relevant text and reference books are available in the departmental library.

Geography Laboratory

The department of Geography has two Laboratories-

Cartography and Surveying Lab- It comprises of topographical maps and different models.

GIS and Remote Sensing lab- It possesses nine computers with advanced GIS software and Satellite imagery, Arial photographs, Mirror Stereoscope and Pocket Stereoscope.

Tracing cum Sample Room- It has a variety of rocks and minerals samples collected from different field areas. It also consists of five light tracing tables.

Journalism and Mass-communication & Film Studies Lab

The College has set up a combined lab of these subjects equipped with different upgraded instruments including I-Mac, movie camera, still camera, sound-recording and editing set ups and mixing consoles omnidirectional microphones and computer lab for page make up and photo editing. 

Physics, Chemistry, Botany (General) Laboratories

Well-resourced laboratory is available which is ideal for students conducting practical work.